Living with Lupus symptoms in women can be very hard. There
are days when your joints will hurt very badly, and sometimes it will be hard
to complete your normal day-to-day routine. This article will give you many
tips to help you learn to deal with your Lupus, and enjoy life again.

Don’t be afraid to change your schedule to deal with Lupus
Tiredness. While it can be difficult to admit that you need to slow down,
letting yourself have the time you need to recharge will let you be more
effective later in the day. Plan your day around when you are most flexible and
energized, to avoid difficult tasks while in pain.

Visit a massage therapist on a regular basis if you suffer
from Lupus stiffness. The massages that these professionals perform on you will
help to make your body relax and ease some of the pain in your joints. It is
recommended that you visit a massage therapist every two weeks if you have a
Lupus flare up.

It is important that you quit smoking if you suffer from
Lupus symptoms in women. It is a proven medical fact that smoking can make your
Lupus symptoms worse. Also, if you smoke and you are taking medications to
control your Lupus symptoms, smoking can actually decrease the positive effects
of these medications.

It is important that you get the flu shot if you suffer from
Lupus. Just like with many other chronic illnesses, Lupus symptoms will get
much worse if you get the flu and could even land you in the hospital. The flu
shot is a simple shot that you only have to get once a year.

For Lupus symptoms in women sufferers, you may want to
consider Yucca as a natural treatment. It is a proven medical fact that the
extract from Yucca helps to ease the pain of Lupus. You can buy Yucca at most
grocery stores, or get the extract from stores that sell vitamins and

When used with a combination of medicines and other treatments, hypnosis has been proven to help with Lupus symptoms. Although doctors are not sure why, patient studies have shown that hypnosis can ease Lupus pain in up to 75% of patients. It is recommended that patients have three rounds of hypnotherapy for the most effective results.

Talk to your doctor early and get treatment started as soon
as possible. You can significantly reduce damage to joints by getting started
with treatment as soon as you can. Get started by talking to a doctor and
finding out what treatment is best for you.

Lupus And Allergies

If you are allergic to something, do not eat it. Some mild
allergies might not bother you at all, but they actually make your Lupus worst.

Many Lupus allergy sufferers will have very bad reactions to many
things and especially during a Lupus flare. The reactions may not be so bad
when you are feeling pretty stable and not in a Lupus flare.

Insect bites are very well know to cause Lupus sufferers a
severe allergic reaction, that may take many days to go.

As we talked about in the beginning of this article, Lupus
can be very hard to live with. If you know some pointers for making the pain
easier to handle, you can control your Lupus symptoms better. Apply all of the
advice that you have read, and you will be thankful that you did.