As you might already be aware, just doing a driving test to get your license might not be enough to keep you safe on the roads as there are many things that are not covered in the driving test. Therefor a lot of driving instructors just simply do not bother teaching you a lot of these topics as they are not going to come up in the driving test but they can make all the difference in helping you stay safe on the roads. Like a lot of them do not teach to join and leave a dual carriageway of acceleration and de-acceleration lane as the candidates are not taken on this carriageway on their driving test.

It does not matter how long you have been driving there is nobody who can claim to be the perfect driver as there’s’ always something new to learn. You can brush up on your driving skills by doing a few refresher driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor. If you would like to improve your defensive driving even further, you can take one of the advanced driving tests. There are so many further advanced driving techniques that you can learn to make you a safer driver. You can contact any of the driving associations and they will be able to help with the tests and also put you in touch with a driving instructor who teaches advanced driving. This will help to improve the things you already know and teach you a few new skills as well. It will also help in your driving if you can read up on your vehicle’s manual and try to learn how it handles corners and how effective the brakes are.