Pipework fabrication is generally accepted as a way of producing pre-made fabricated pipe section off site to safe time with on site installation. While it seems like a good plan care has to be taken in the planning and design if all the pieces are to fit together. Even more important if the pipework installation is erected overhead as working at height has distinct issues of its own. Usually working from a cherry picker or some such elevated platform the last thing a pipework fitter needs are pipes that don’t fit. Therefore the design and off site fabrication is key to making it work and there is no substitute for experience.

Choose a pipework fabrication company that has been in the business for some time and is used to this type of work. Better still if they have pipe bending facilities and experience then all the better. Pipe bending specialists are able to produce quite intricate curves and shapes that do away with a huge chunk of welding as less fittings are required to produce the piece. Producing modular lengths of tubing in this manner is the very essence of pipework fabrication cutting down time on site which in turn pays a return on the cost of any job.

Less time on site will usually mean less disruption to a companies normal work patterns as most pipework installations are added later as new machinery or systems are installed. Working around operatives on a shop floor is not always ideal and brings with it its own set of problems not least health and safety issues which have to be met. For more information on pipework fabrication & installation take a look at Linmar Pipework Services to see what they can offer. Specialists in gas pipework, steel pipework installation, modular pipework and plastic.