When it comes to cat care at home or at the boarding kennel, one thing that most people have to have are cat litter pans. These are great in any form that you get. You can get very expensive models that clean themselves, ones that are hidden from view, or you can get some for under ten dollars. Cats are easier to train than dogs, and normally take to the pans very quickly. However, there are times when they won’t use them, and as a pet owner, you have to decide what is going on so that you can take care of the problem. Cat waste anywhere else in the home is a bad thing. Constant cleaning for cat condos at boarding facilities are the same.

The most important thing your cat would tell you, if they could, was that you have to keep the cat little pan clean. Some cats will put up with a lot, and others are not going to tolerate very much. Using scoop little in cat litter pans is always the best idea, and having a few minutes each day to scoop is the very best way to go about keeping them clean for your pet or pets. If you go a few days without scooping, they can rebel and go somewhere else. If nothing else, scoop once a day to avoid that problem.

Scooping the cat litter pans at home or for cat kennel boarding is not the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to keeping them clean. You have to take everything out, and clean the pan itself. No matter how often you scoop or how well you take care with it, some things are going to get onto the cat litter pans that will cause a small odor. You may not smell it, but your pets can. If they are very picky, they are not going to want to use that litter box. Clean it out with soap and water once a week to keep them happy.

If your cat is going outside of your cat litter pans, and you know you keep it very clean, there may be something else going on. If your cat gets a urinary tract infection, they may have trouble using the little box. They will just go wherever they are. Urinary tract infections are very painful for cats and the veterinarian should be visited. They will try to use the cat litter pans, but that is not always going to happen. If you see your pet going elsewhere, and they appear to be in pain, get them to a veterinarian as soon as you can.

Some other times when pets will not use cat litter pans are a bit more abstract and it might take you a while to figure out what is going on with them. If the pan is too close to where there is a lot of foot traffic and noise in your house, they may not like it very much. They want privacy when they are in there just like you do when you use the restroom. It makes them nervous and upset if their cat litter pans are too out in the open. There could be other small things bothering them as well, so look around where you have your litter boxes at home of at the kennel to see if anything else could be a problem for them.