Most colonic weight loss and wellness centers are geared towards giving their clients the best service at a most affordable cost. Of course there are some wellness spas that cater to celebrities and the rich, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Colon hydrotherapy is fast becoming a wellness option for many who are on a diet. This is because with detoxification, these combination therapies offer stunning results for their clients. Yes, colonic weight loss can work. Just go to any wellness and health blog and you’ll get to read the testimonials of patients who have found these therapies healing.

To keep colonic weight loss cost down, wellness centers offer combination, package and tier pricing. The initial visit usually costs anywhere from $100 to $125 for a 60 minute session. Then the succeeding sessions are at $60 to $75 each. Most therapies require multiple visits so that the digestive system and the colon can be thoroughly cleansed. Toxins and parasites, and in some instances, impacted food matter are the most common particles to be removed. Who wants these in their systems?

If you’re going to a wellness spa, make sure you are satisfied with how clean the premises are. Also make sure that they are well trained as most colonic hydro-therapists are nurses and medical assistants who are fully trained.