Community service is an integral part of every aspect of the Scouting program the Boy Scouts organization puts together for the boys. At each step along the path of advancement, some service hours are required of the boys. It is so much a natural part of the way a boy scout thinks that many recreational activates are organized around service projects. That way the boys come to understand that being involved in community service is just part of being a citizen. And it can be fun too.

But to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, the candidate must complete his Eagle Project. This is a distinctive project that must be of significant community value. The process of even getting that Eagle Project approved is strict and held to a high standard. Once the boy has his project approved, it will take weeks if not months to complete it.

Typical Eagle projects include service work like the complete repainting of a community service building, planting trees in a public park, landscaping all of the open areas on a church property, or organizing a community wide blood drive. There is no question that Eagle Projects make a positive impact on the community. And when a boy successfully completes that project and has turned in all of his requirements to become an Eagle Scout, he will look back with pride on that project and often take family members and friends to show them the project because he is able to say that it was his Eagle Project.

So look around your community. Odds are you won’t look far before you will see the impact of the Eagle program in your town. The Boy Scouts make sure the best of their best leave a mark on the community. They want to be sure that wherever their finest leaders can be found, there you will find the evidence of Eagle Scouts and their commitment to excellence.