An individual who went through a divorce may find his or her divorce decree as an evidence of a failed marriage. Although one may want to keep feelings of regret at bay by keeping one’s divorce record out of sight, such document may prove to be of great importance in the future. Those who have been through divorce instances in their lives will be needing copies of their divorce certificates if they want to get married again. If you need to find out any information regarding your divorce that was granted in San Francisco, you can delve into the San Francisco County Vital Records through the various online service providers available via the Internet.

In the state of California, divorce records are maintained in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. In the previous years, obtaining copies of such decrees are free of charge. However, because of the volume of requests received by concerned agencies and the relevant costs involved, fees are now being collected from the requesting parties.

You can communicate with the Department of Health Services in California State for your divorce inquiries. The said bureau’s Vital Records Unit can provide you with the data of divorce cases that took place in the said region beginning 1962 up to 1984. The above-mentioned agency can provide you with a Certificate of Record since certified copies can only be procured from the Clerk of the Superior Court of the specific county where the marital break-up was finalized.

If you are one of the parties to the divorce event that took place between the aforementioned years, then you can verify any particular information concerning your divorce file from the Department of Health. You may start your verification by completing the proper request form which you can download from the worldwide web. An amount of $13.00 will be collected from you to cover for the search fee to locate the file you need. You can make payment for the said cost through check or money order. You can also opt to send your demand via fax services but you will be paying an additional fee of $7.00 for this feature. You must remember that whether you are sending your order via mail or through fax, you must ensure that you indicate your complete mailing address and telephone numbers. Providing such personal details can help facilitate your demand especially if you desire to have the records delivered to your specified address.

If you just want to make certain about the facts contained in your divorce document, then you can check the details via the Internet. With the development of the worldwide web, the retrieval of essential data such as the San Francisco County vital records can be performed even in the comfort of your own home. You can proceed with your investigation by supplying some basic details about the divorce incident such as the date and exact county where the dissolution of marriage was approved. You can utilize those online facilities that require no payment for a simple search or you can make use of the paid web locations for your queries.