Elder abuse is disgraceful. Elder neglect is preventable. No matter which way you look at either of those circumstances know that they are avoidable, preventable, and all around unacceptable. No person should be abused or neglected. No matter the age of the person! The young and the old are most susceptible to this. It is unfortunate and sad, yes. It happens and there should be a stop to it. Seek lawful advice to put a stop to it! First speak up in your environment and bring it to immediate attention. Know that there are mandated reports on site, like nurses and other staff that are required by law to report even suspicious activity. This helps to weed out the bad from the good. Those who are doing such acts should not be serving in this kind of arena. They need to be removed and remanded for their actions, or lack of good actions. Then, after safety is in place, then it is best to consult with an attorney like the one seen here https://www.opolaw.com/practice-areas/elder-abuse-neglect/ for legal advice and action to help mend what has been broken.