Michigan Marriage License carries significant pieces of information that are beneficial to those who are running a study on genealogy or for anyone who merely wants to conduct a background check. It contains a whole lot of vital information concerning the person you’re after. Lately, a huge increase in the demand for this type of document has been observed and it continues to become popular among many individuals these days.

Vital records for births, marriages and deaths that happened in this State since 1867 are stored at the Division for Vital Records of Michigan. Orders can be sent through mail with corresponding fees, payable via personal checks, check or money order. The said office also accepts requests made through phone, fax or online, but a major credit card and an extra fee are required.

The cost for each copy of a marriage record covers a 3-year search. The State law has emphasized the availability of this information to anyone in need. Applicants must ensure that the proper request form is completely filled out, signed and the demanded amount is enclosed. The groom’s name must be provided to retrieve accounts that are dated from 1950-1975. Other necessary details to enter are the full maiden name of the bride, full name of the groom and the place where the couple was married.

Still another venue that provides this information is the County Clerk in the county where the marriage license was obtained. The standard contents of this sort of document are the complete names of the involved couple, their ages at the time of the marriage application, their parents’ names and addresses, the couple’s residence and their occupations. Normally, it also encompasses the time and place of occurrence, as well as the witnesses and solemnizing officer.

Basically, this information is wide open at various agencies of the government for free. You can find it at the state library, through some church records or at the local courthouse. However, to make your search realistic, it necessitates that you’re aware about the exact date when the wedding ceremony was held. Otherwise, the process can be painstaking and time wasting.

A more hassle-free way of seeking for State Marriage Records now is through the Internet. This method offers a kind of process that ensures better and faster results. Free-of-charge and fee-based, these are the two general classifications of search sites online. The former is known to produce raw data while the latter gives out the opposite. Therefore, be smart by picking only that which asks for a small amount, yet supplies the best answers to your queries.