Notably, Pennsylvania is one of the earliest settled areas of the United States. In fact, a couple of American genealogists can trace their family as living in this state at some point of time. Accordingly, Pennsylvania Marriage Records is one of the oldest in the nation and is deemed significant in researching a family tree.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of America. It is famous for its five nicknames; namely, the Keystone State, Quaker State, Coal State, Oil State and the State of Independence. Recent statistics has tallied more than 6 million people living in this region; the 6th-largest in the entire U.S. This place was originally claimed by both the Dutch and the Swedes, but it was granted a land in 1681.

In this state, official registration of marriages began in 1885. Prior to this year, marriage reports can be found in church annals. Religious recordings are great resources for this kind of information. These early documents are listed by congregation and rarely in one central location. Another good sources are civil recordings, which can be availed either online or offline. An index of all nuptials that occurred in this state from 1885-1951 can be viewed online. Images of matrimonies since 1885-1889 can be found at the State Archives.

The Division of Vital Records of the State Department of Health is currently the state’s central repository for its public records. But, to get the marriage report you need, send an application to the Marriage License Clerk for the County Court House in the county that granted the marriage license. The information may be free of cost, but an admin fee must be paid for the service.

There are many reasons why most people opt to seek this kind of file these days. Primarily, it is valuable in studying family history. It can also be used to verify the present marital status of an individual, whether he’s a future spouse or a date. In addition, this piece of document is useful in any legal proceedings such as establishing identity or probing a divorce case.

Marriage Records represent the legality of the marriage in question. Hence, they are likewise vital in supporting various legal cases. Copies of this information are normally provided to the involved couple, the solemnizing officer and the local government. At the present, gathering this sort of data can be done more easily and quickly by turning to those commercial service providers online. A small charge may be required but the kind of help and results you’ll receive will give you back your money’s worth.