Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013

Ideal for freelancers and small businesses and private households.

The new office has not only easy to get a facelift. Rather, it was designed from the ground up, to withdraw behind your work and helps you with your tasks. The surface has clear, concise, and easy on the eye – with fresh animations, vibrant colors, intuitive navigation via mouse or touch.

The highly intuitive user environment ensures that every user – whether Office expert or a complete novice – can be productive from the first minute. The new look has been optimized for a variety of hardware products of compact, touch-enabled tablets and Ultrabooks to high-performance all-in-one systems with large HD screens.

The New Word provides a revised, clear view, so you can read documents directly on the screen more easily.

Real-time layout: the text in Word and PowerPoint will immediately rearranged when you move photos, videos or shapes in your document.

PDF conversion back: Just accept the contents from a PDF file to a Word file, including layout and formatting elements. With the new Word Koenen open and edit PDFs directly con-tained the text, lists, and tables as normal Word content.

Fill Flash: Excel learns your patterns and detects these again. Without formulas or macros can be so the remaining data komforta cable complete.

Smart Guides: Get in real-time in PowerPoint as your graphics are arranged intuitively and position objects in the right place.

Contact Card: contact data from multiple sources are merged without unnecessary duplication in a single view in Outlook, including informa-tion from social networks.

Office Home & Business 2013

The new office was designed for a seamless interaction with Windows on a variety of devices.

A streamlined user interface for input by touch, pen or keyboard

All Office applications are characterized by a minimalist design and intuitive touch and writing tools.

The uncluttered and modern interface not only offers faster access to the tools you use day after day, but also a variety of options.

Focusing on the essentials: Add new pop-ups will show you office at a glance all the information you need without having to leave your active view.

In combination with a free Microsoft Office 2013 offers numerous benefits account associated with a cloud application, for example, to store documents online and share information.

Create a document on your PC and edit it later, just in the browser with Office Web Apps, a smartphone or a tablet on.

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