Home offices can be a tricky thing to begin and successfully carry out. This is the case especially if you are working at home and there are kids there. They cannot help but want mom or dad to have their undivided attention. Many home offices have doors that lock and even a baby gate down the hall so that the parent who needs to get some work done can go ahead and take care of business. Setting up and installing a home office is the turning point where it gets serious. Office furniture services are a little scare to come by–they are not commonly heard or discussed so much. When we purchased our home office though, we needed a delivery system to make it work in getting to our home and also for the setup of it. It would have taken us a whole weekend or more of time–and again–with kids it would take so much time that we frankly do not have. our business is taking off and coming off the ground. It is working out so well and they even take care of electronics setup for after the furniture is in and up. It is a good thing we came across AOI for their services and we are so glad they them and their team will get this up in a day!