Marriage is something that would affect the whole world even if at first glance it is only something that would affect the two couple who had gotten married and their families. Perhaps the best example of how a marriage could affect the whole world is the limitations that the fact of the marriage would impose not only on the couple who had gotten married, but also upon those strangers who are not even aware of the fact of the marriage. It is therefore logical that that event which would dissolve a marriage is also something that would interest the whole world, and divorce is one of those events that could dissolve the marriage, hence, when one person seeks to prove the fact of the divorce, it is important to rely on divorce records like Montgomery County Court Records.

As the official records of the government, these records are the best evidence to prove that the person who is named on the record was married, but that that marriage had been dissolved, hence, that person named in the record could again get married to any person that he or she may chose without violating any law. it is given that when a person gets married, he or she closes the door, in the figurative sense, to a marriage with a different person. A second marriage while the first is still in existence is a felony in most jurisdictions.

Divorce records are not public records, but they are official records. this means that the copies of the records could not be requested by just about anyone, and the law identifies the persons who may make a valid request for the same, but this does not mean that the general public could not make the request as they could instead make the request for copies of divorce certification which would also be able to prove the fact that the divorce was granted. It must be noted that even these certifications are afforded the presumption of regularity, hence, they are usually enough to prove the fact of the divorce.

A request for divorce certification is done at the national or state level, and the procedure would require the person interested in the record to write to the Texas Department of Health with a letter requesting for the same. Of course, the details of the records that would be requested for would have to be included in the letter, but the most important of these would be the name of the couple who had gotten divorced, the approximate date of the divorce, and the place where the divorce was granted, though this could be a general location. The divorce certification would merely state whether or not a divorce records exist, and if there is one, where such record could be found.

Copies of Montgomery County Marriage Records are also important when searching for divorce records and while the government would also keep copies of these, other online archives also keep copies of them, and these archives could present the information faster and more efficiently at a cheaper price as most would charge only the most minimum of fees for the use of their services.