Iowa is said to be a “Heart land” because is it referred as the Food capital of the world. Iowa gained a title of the best and fastest state to live in the United Sates. Gaining this popularity, as early as 1900’s Iowa Divorce Decree are already well organized and in fact in this state, a website is accessible for the general public to check divorce statistics online and determine the district where the said record is maintained.

It is crucial to know which District to find the said record, because this is the starting point of your research. In Iowa, Department of Health and Bureau of Vital Records do not have the complete information of divorce records however, the Vital Statistics Office have maintained a database of these records starting 1906 which can help you get started. It is noteworthy to know that requesting for certified copies of the finalized divorce decrees can only be coursed through the Clerk of the District Court. Hence, being aware that Iowa has eight different district courts and five counties each court would trim down your search and lessen your efforts for doing so. Understandably, one has to follow the procedures as well the rules and regulations in requesting for the information and such may vary from one district to another.

You can expect to gain numerous facts about from the couple from these records. Basic information such as the couples’ names, addresses, their age and their children’s whereabouts too. Alimony and any other agreements entered by the couple may also be stated. More significantly, the place and date where the divorce was filed and finalized as well as the reasons for resorting to divorce are also included.

While it is true that a variety of reasons can be cited for doing a research for vital records such as divorces, to mention it can be used for genealogical study, for legal proceedings, reference check or background investigation as well. Waiting time for requesting certified copies of said records may range from 2-15 days, depending on the provided information, availability of staff from courthouses, information at hand and how soon the request was made. A minimal amount will also be imposed and this could vary from one state or county to another.

With the advent of technology, and Iowa being one of a prestigious and progressive state is certainly making its records accessible to the general public online. The authenticity will greatly depend on the kind of service provider you will choose.

Inasmuch as Divorce Records are just a mouse click away, do not miss the opportunity and give yourself the chance to get online and maximize the use of internet. This way, you will be able to save your time and effort plus the added benefit of allowing you to explore on a tons of websites offering information about said records. The choice is yours! Start now and be one of those who appreciate the brilliance of internet innovators!