Death certificates are one of the essential documents required to serve several legal purposes. But it can also serve basic resolves like determining or confirming the death of a relative, or finding out the last known address of a certain friend or colleague. Such record can also be used in tracing a family’s root or in doing genealogy inquiries. For the people in California, you can initialize your investigation on the San Luis Obispo County Death Notices through the available online database provided by the state bureaus and private institutions sanctioned by the government.

There are two types of copies released to those individuals who want to get a copy of a particular death certificate. First is the informational copy and the second is the authorized duplicate. Informational replicas cannot be used in confirming a person’s identity. Thus, this is what genealogists or researchers usually received in their requests. An authorized copy on the other hand is used for legal purposes like in the establishment of one’s identification. Certified copies are only limited to individuals who can establish their direct relationship to the deceased person. This means that one must be a child, a parent, a spouse or a sibling of the person who passed away before one can get an authorized replica. Aside from this requirement, you must also submit a notarized statement along with the required request sheets.

If you want to get a copy of a death decree in the state of California, you can communicate with the Vital Records Office of the Department of Health. You can order via postal services and the fee for this request is $12.00 per record. Payment for this fee must be in a form of check or money order and must be included in the submission of your petition. You also need to include the notarized statement if required. One should not expect any return of payment made since no refund is given even if there is no record found on file. In your application, you must state your full name and contact information as well as the basic details of the deceased individual.

A particular death certificate reveals important data such as the full name of the person who passed away, his or her date of birth and age at the time of death. Other related information which are stated are the precise date and location where the death event happened and the place where the burial rites took place. In some cases, the marital status and the names of the mother and the father of the deceased individual are also unveiled.

One can also conduct a preliminary inquiry of a certain person’s death record. This can be done through the various online resources which are privately operated. The different web locations can give you an idea whether or not a particular death report is available or not but there is no way you can be able to view such document. However, if you want to confirm a particular death, you can at any time verify through the San Luis Obispo County death notices.