A divorce record is the only legal document that supports the validity of an ended marriage. In other states, divorce records can be found at their Vital Statistics Office together with other public records. However, in the case of Indiana Divorce Records, they are found at the specific county Clerk of Courts where the divorce was finalized.

Any person has the right to access the records upon request because they are deemed as public records. However, not everything that is in the record is provided to the general public because the couple still has right to keep private some matters regarding their divorce. Only the husband and wife, their legal representatives, and other groups or individuals specified by the court can group the complete divorce record. If you are not authorized, you can still view the records but will only be provided with a copy that will reveal if a divorce has been validated by the court or not.

A divorce record that is finalized in one state is also recognized in other states. A person can only file for a divorce in a certain state after he or she has resided there for at least a year. If you have been married in the past and have found a new love who you wish to marry, it is important that you present the validated divorce record so you can apply for a marriage license. You can also use the records to claim assets and properties from your previous marriage.

In case you do not know the exact county where the records were recorded, you can send a request to the Indiana Department of Health and they will be the ones to forward your request to the appropriate county. Expect that the return period will be long especially if you can provide only a few details about the records. There is a request form available at the Vital Statistics Office and the specific county Clerk of Court. The form can also be downloaded from their respective websites. Once the form is filled-out appropriately, you can submit it personally or mail it to either office. There are corresponding fees for each kind of requests.

In the past few years, public records have become available online, including divorce records. There are several service providers that are authorized by the court to provide them to the public upon request. With multiple service providers to choose from, it is important that you do a history check on them first before actually availing their services. Although, most of them are genuine, it is inevitable that there are fake ones as well.

Since Divorce Records Are Public records, you can easily find them. There are service providers that provide the records for free while some render certain fees. Both types are capable of providing the basic pieces of information of the records such as the full names of the husband and the wife, their respective birthdays, date and venue of divorce, etc. You can start a search by simply providing a full name and you get results in a matter of seconds.