The most ideal thing to do when you’re feeling stuck with your everyday routine and you feel like you need some space away from all of these is to take a vacation and find a quiet place where you can feel relax and worry free.

Waterfront Retreat at Wattle Point is the ultimate place to spend a quality vacation with friends, families and colleagues. The place offers a high standard accommodation to their guests, complete facilities and unmatched service.

You will be able to spend time close to nature at its best. Enjoy being surrounded with wildlife and enjoy the clean fresh air while it embraces you to get that brand new you feeling. Of course, most of the time it is more fun to spend a vacation with the whole family. And sometimes worries popped out for a disabled family member.

There are so many “what ifs” that needs to be solved. What if the facilities on your chosen place are not suitable for a disabled family member? What about the room, how can he or she get in without needing to leave her wheelchair? Is there an available room big enough for a disabled guest and his care giver? These are just some of the common problems that need to be taken into full account before deciding on the place to spend a vacation.

At Waterfront Retreat here in Wattle Point all types of people can very well fit in with the environment and with all the facilities they offer. This is considered as the most disable friendly place. Most especially, the place has designed their facilities to be accessible to those who have disabilities. Some lodges cater to persons with disabilities needs and as well as with their carers.

They managed to put up a wide door for the disabled people for easy access on their wheelchairs. They also made their bathrooms to be spacious in order for the person with disability and his or her carer to move freely when inside the bath. In cases where the disabled person requires that her carer needs to sleep with him/her, there is a designated space where the carer can rest.

They make sure that every guest will be able to fit in with the crowd and all the activities during their stay. After staying at Waterfront Retreat at Wattle Point everybody will brand new person, complete and happy with new directions in life and better understanding and approach to life.